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Village Farm, Bilbrough

Village Farm lies in the centre of Bilbrough, a small village 10km west of the City of York.

It is one of a number of farms that once formed the backbone of the village from its early origins.

We were instructed by the owners to obtain planning approval for residential development over three sites, the largest one being 0.24ha in area and containing 5No dwellings.

Other plots to the east and west have two and one properties respectively.

The site also lies within Bilbrough's Conservation Area and so the 2 storey, four bedroomed detached dwellings needed to be in keeping with the vernacular style of the surrounding buildings.

The layout avoids issues concerning perceived overlooking and loss of privacy with neighbouring properties and the layout provides good sized amenity space while keeping a sense of the farmstead that once stood on the site.

The design ethos was one of contemporary/ traditional in order to add change to the village fabric rather than continue with the speculative housing look of surrounding developments.

The integration was achieved by using traditional materials and detailing in a modern manner so enabling the development to blend into its location.