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Micklegate Public Realm

Vincent & Partners were delighted to explore the potential to shape, enrich and revitalise York’s Micklegate Public Realm, an area of huge historical significance within the city.

As architects we are responsible for designing spaces that enhance public life while also playing a larger civic role in reclaiming and redefining an area’s identity. Development should be informed by the heritage values of the site, in this instance the iconic medieval gateway, Micklegate Bar and the historic walls of the city.

By bringing forward a new and comprehensive pedestrianisation and resurfacing scheme, including paving, seating, lighting and controlled parking, we can breathe new life into the streets, encourage freedom of movement and enhance the whole identity of the area. Pedestrian and cycle prioritisation of the road, will encourage a new vernacular, transforming accessibility and revitalising the district. By fostering greater interaction and becoming an anchor in the city, the scheme can promote a strong sense of identity and place, influencing the dynamic of the area in a positive way.

Our vision was to deliver solutions that reflect and enhance the identity of Micklegate and resolve conflicting demands of use, in a meaningful way. Shaping the Public Realm through good design should enhance public life and provide an economic boost to this part of the city. By seeding a new urban culture, we believe Micklegate will quickly become one of the most popular places to visit within York’s historic bar walls.

The Vincent & Partners team submitted a well-received, feasibility document to explore the opportunities Micklegate presents. The local authority was very positive about our proposals and are currently trialling part-pedestrianisation of the street.




City of York Council


Commercial, Heritage