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105–111 Micklegate

Situated within the Central Historic Core Conservation Area, Micklegate is renowned as one of York’s most architecturally rewarding streets. Vincent & Partners worked in close collaboration with York Council and key stakeholders to devise a scheme that would revitalise the area through the creation of a new boutique aparthotel, alongside a renovated streetscape with ground level bars and restaurants.

With a specialism in heritage architecture, our discerning team has extensive experience of delivering selective conservation projects to the highest standards. The scheme was sympathetically and sensitively considered in the context of its unique setting close to York’s City Walls and Micklegate Bar.

Micklegate Bar remains the most prominent of York’s four medieval gateways and the entrance to the city for anyone arriving from the south. Renowned for our holistic and intricate appraisals, we used the principles of conservation to approach the design; to nurture change whilst preserving cultural significance. With due diligence, an extensive amount of research was carried out, investigating in depth the area’s history and evolution that led Micklegate to its current form.

The development proposals reflect Micklegate’s historic architecture, decoration and furnishing. Vincent & Partners’ contemporary new scheme drew inspiration from York’s medieval buildings, to inform and deliver change whilst enhancing this iconic and beautiful street.

At ground level, where life animates the urban landscape, a sympathetic street frontage will enhance the quality of the public experience. An extended pavement width will incrementally add to the spatial quality and revitalise the dormant streetscape. The improved landscape around the new development will deliver the city’s aspiration for a more accessible, pedestrian friendly development.

The sustainable building will preserve Micklegate’s architectural and historic character, while delivering a scheme that adds real urban value through placemaking. Putting Micklegate at the forefront of York’s tourism and leisure industry, once more.

The scheme evolved following two years’ close collaboration with York Council’s Conservation team and local stakeholders. Vincent & Partners provided full architectural services in the role of lead consultant and achieved planning consent in September 2020.




Micklegate Developments Ltd / North Star IM


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