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Red House Farm, Skipwith

The scheme involves the demolition of existing agricultural buildings to provide a mix of 3, 4 & 5 bed dwellings with associated garages and parking.

The development limit boundary runs through the site such that it is located part within the defined development limits of Skipwith and is part located within the open countryside, so the scheme came under scrutiny of the parish council and various consultants.

Each of the 8 properties are traditionally designed in red brick and tile with sash windows and oak porches to help blend into the character of the idyllic countryside village.

Following negotiations, the planning officer was satisfied with the scheme siting that there would be no detrimental effect on the strategic countryside gap, the character and appearance of the area and nature conservation and therefore recommended the proposals for approval.

In addition to assisting with the planning process the Vincent & Partners team put together the construction packages to enable works on a trio of 3 bed terrace houses, four 4-bed detached houses and one 5-bed detached house to commence Winter 2020, with expected completion late summer 2021.




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