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This article was published before Vincent & Brown became Vincent & Partners

Vincent & Brown are proud partners of ‘Project Yorkshire’

Vincent & Brown are proud partners of ‘Project Yorkshire’, a documentary promoting Yorkshire following the aftermath of the global pandemic.

Produced and filmed by award winning film makers Sid Sadowskyi and Scott Elliott, the ‘Planet Earth Style’ documentary seeks to spearhead a post-pandemic revival by encouraging visitors and investment to the region. An A-List actor will be narrating the film, which has taken inspiration from David Attenborough’s Planet Earth series.

The film, showing both dramatic shots of our breath-taking scenery and snapshots of everyday lives of the people of Yorkshire, will be premiered in October along side music from the London Symphony Orchestra.

‘It’s great to be involved, along with many other local businesses & authorities, in this fantastic initiative by Sid & Scott, we can’t wait to see the finished film’

Lee Vincent, Director

Find out more here and here.



14 Apr 2021