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This article was published before Vincent & Brown became Vincent & Partners

Vincent & Brown participate in Clean Air Day

On the 17th June 2021 Vincent & Brown participated in Clean Air Day.

As the UK’s largest air pollution campaign, the day seeks to improve the public’s understanding of air pollution and change our actions to help protect the environment and our health.

On Thursday a number of our colleagues braved the rain to cycle or walk into the office. Colleagues were also encouraged to bring plants into the office, go vegetarian and refrain from using the printer for the day. Although this was a departure for a couple of people, we would like to think that the day will make our staff re-evaluate their lifestyles for the better

At Vincent & Brown we understand the need to re-evaluate our actions to ensure minimal impact to our surroundings. We continuously strive to implement low carbon and sustainable developments and building practices regardless of project size.


24 Jun 2021