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This article was published before Vincent & Brown became Vincent & Partners

V&B supports The Island's 'Xmas Food Bank' scheme

Vincent & Brown team members added a few extra items to their shopping bags this week to support The Island's Christmas Food Bank.

The Island is a fantastic York based charity, providing islands of space & time for vulnerable children and young people, building confidence, self esteem and unlocking potential through positive mentoring relationships and unique programmes.

The Island have a year round food bank to help families across York during difficult times, you can make donations in most York Sainsburys stores. But the V&B team wanted to send over some of the Christmas treats that we all take for granted. Buzz offered security services for the collection that has been building up for a couple of weeks and the charity were delighted to take delivery on Monday. Well done team!

To find out more about this fantastic Charity click here!



15 Dec 2021