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Planning Committee Greenlights Redevelopment Project on Main Street, Fulford, York!

In a significant development, on 17th January 2024, Planning Committee B unanimously gave the greenlight on a transformative project on Main Street, Fulford, York.

The proposal, skilfully crafted by Vincent & Partners and formally submitted by Bootham Developments LLP, outlines the conversion of properties numbered 100-102 into four dwellings. The comprehensive plan encompasses external alterations and extensions to enhance the existing structures, including the construction of one new dwelling at the rear of the site, coupled with provisions for parking. Notably, this project is a resubmission, indicative of revisions or improvements made based on feedback from a previous proposal.

The unanimous decision to approve the project underscores the Planning Committee's collective endorsement of the positive impact and feasibility of the redevelopment plan. This marks a crucial and positive step forward in revitalising both the properties and the surrounding area.

Stay tuned for further details as the approved project advances into the next phases of implementation.


18 Jan 2024